Venting – it’s not about the money

Hey guys!

It’s skyeeee!

So today (and pretty much just lately) I’ve had a few things on my mind that have been troubling me (you know, the type of thoughts that keep you up at night), and I guess I thought it would be easier if I tried to collect all those thoughts up and try to have a small go at making sense of it all? Idk, my brain just gets cluttered really easily…But the thing was, I didn’t know who to talk to or where to write where I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. And then it hit me, what’s a better place to do this than my blog? I mean, that’s why I started this blog in the first place, wasn’t it? It was so I could have a place where I could feel 100% free to be open and just talk. A place where I wouldn’t feel judged or embarrassed for being my own self…And that’s exactly why I’m always going to be addressing what’s on my mind. Even if it will be really negative sometimes. It’s important to have someone or something (Like your teddy (; )  that you can just vent to.  Because the last thing you want is for your thoughts to drown you and cause you to break down. Which  trust me, does happen quite a bit. ):

Venting – She need’s it…and also maybe a big hug ):


So back to the part where I vent…Let’s talk money.  The pieces of plastic card,  metal shrapnel, paper, and even just plain old numbers. Money. Pretty much one of the biggest controlling factors of my life. It controls my emotions, my actions, and it controls my thoughts. But not in the way where I want to be filthy rich…No, it’s in the way where I just want to be well off enough to be able to do the things I want.

Growing up, I’ve had to live with the fact that my parents aren’t ‘rich.’ Well, when I say that, what I actually mean is that  we can’t afford to actually own our personal house (we’re renting), go on long expensive holidays every year, buy expensive products, or for me to have pocket money. But you know what? My family and I are richer than a vast population of the world. I mean we have a house to live in, clean hot and cold water, two cars, a good education, food (yaaassss haha) ect. But yet, even though I have all the essential and important things that I need to survive, I still manage to find things that I’m jealous of or that I can  complain about? But I guess here’s the thing – it always will be easy to complain if I don’t change what I value or believe in this life. Like do I want to spend the rest of my teenager-hood (and life) complaining about useless things like ‘not having a phone’ ‘not being able to go out to expensive places with my friends’ or just even the normal things teenagers my age have? Do I want to be ungrateful, or do I want to live a life where I am thankful and happy with what I have? Because in all honesty, I have what I need in my life. I don’t need money or certain products to control my happiness.

Like I’m not saying ‘Aw, you don’t need a phone.’ ‘You shouldn’t want this or that..’ No. What I’m saying is just be aware that money can control the way you think and act now days. And it’s really sad, but this is simply the way life is. So we should do our best to live like money isn’t what’s important and you don’t need it to live you life happily.


So yeah, in no way was this post written to bag any of you guys out, or to make you feel guilty for wanting some pleasures. I was just writing what was on my mind and how it’s something that I need to be mindful about more. (:

Thanks guys for listening to my vent…It has really made me feel a lot better! (:

Stay Happy & God bless!

Skye xx.

(P.s, do any of you guys have Price Tag by Jessie Jay stuck in you head? I do 😛 )


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