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Time learnt how to fly…


It’s Skyeeee!

So I don’t know about you guys…But does it seem like as you get older the years get faster and faster? Like I’m not even sixteen yet and it already feels like Time is literally flying by.    I mean, it’s flippin March!? And Easter is only next week. . . How the actual heck? When did Time get it’s flying license, because I’m pretty sure it’s going over the speed limit hahaha. . .Sorry, that was a bad joke. . .Ahem.


I guess one of the main factors for the sudden speed is literally because I no longer long for the future. I mean, sure I’m excited by the future, but I no longer wish I was then and not now. Like when I was younger, I would dream about being eighteen and how much cooler and better my life would be then.

I used to be like everyone else, waiting impatiently for every weekend, wishing for the summer to hurry up and come. But now that I have met the people I want to spend all that time with, and knowing that I could lose them at any point has made my perspective change. Now I savor every second I have. Now I dread the weekends because I know that is one more week that has passed us by. It’s really hard watching your time run out with the people you love, and not being able to do anything about it. So savor the good moments because you never know if they will happen again:)


Stay Happy & God bless!

Skyee xx.


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