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A little poem – “Autumn.”


It’s Skyeeee! How are you all? (:

I’ve been really well, but I have been getting slowed under a bit with all the assignments and exams! So because I’ve been really busy with school, and I still really wanted to post a  blog…I decided why not post a short poem for you guys?

I’m not really good at them… But I thought I would give it a go! Hope you like it (:



Autumn is a teenager
who paints the leaves
rebellious colours
and throws them down
in a huff of cool wind.
She doesn’t like when
people call her Autumn.
She prefers her nickname
Fall, because that’s what she makes the
leaves do as she passes by.

So yeah, like I said, a really ‘short’ poem hahaha.

Stay Happy & God bless!

Skyeee xx.



18 thoughts on “A little poem – “Autumn.”

  1. Woah- thats an awesome poem! Awesome way to look at it- I love it so much! You’re awesome at this! This was really cool to read, and i’m not exaggerating!! Cool 🙂


  2. This is such an amazing poem and so creative. I have just discovered your blog and I love it! I will most definitely be clicking the follow button and can’t wait to see you appear in my reader. Happy Blogging! xx


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