The Social Media Drug


It’s Skyeeeeee! How are y’all? (:

. . .

So on Thursday in Philosophy class, we were talking about how easy it is to be influenced by people and things around you. Whether it’s from the Tv, Music you listen to, Social media or even just from your friend’s mouth, your brain is constantly subconsciously taking in new things every second. That’s pretty cool huh?

Well after this, our teacher then went on to talk about how dangerous it can become if what we are taking in is negative. Oh. Okay, that’s not so cool…                                                            He then gave us each a sheet of paper and set the clock to five long  minutes. In this time, we were told to write down any thoughts and ideas that we might have about how today’s teenagers have been affected negatively by social media. And the sad thing is, not only was I able to come up with a billion answers, but I was also able to relate to more than half of them.

With most of those being the common affects of  poor self  esteem, general self-consciousness and insecurity, careless language, and most often with my negative thoughts, actions, and sometimes even my negative attitude. And I know I can’t blame all of these specifically on social media as I know my character does play a huge role in the way my brain thinks…But the truth is, if you are constantly being bombarded (and this does tend to happen a lot more subconsciously) with the type of stuff that is not particularly healthy for you, you will, and I mean this, start to find it can become like a drug. And you will get yourself caught in it’s grasp. Because like drugs, once you have injected the nasty stuff, it’s really hard to get rid of it again. And trust me, I’m still trying to get rid of some of the affects from my past mistakes…oops haha.


. . .

So, just to  wrap this all up – In no way am I shaming or bagging out social media. No haha. I love social media waaaay too much to do that! I mean, I’ve met some of my best friends on it! And also, I get to blog on here and talk to all of you incredible people! (: Haha, no way. The purpose in me writing this blog was just to warn you guys to be carefuuuul! And I know you probably here stuff like this all the timeeeee (Especially from your parents…I’M NOT TRYING TO BE YOUR MUM! I SWEAR!), but I also know that sometimes you gotta hear something a billion times before it finally clicks. And I really, really want this to click for any of you who might be needing to hear it for the 1,000,000,000th time haha.

So yeaaaah, thank you for taking your time with reading this little random blog! I hope it kinda made some sense? Haha (;

Stay Happy & God bless!

Skyeeeeee xx.



12 thoughts on “The Social Media Drug

  1. You’re right to say that we need to be careful when it comes to social media because the effects on ourselves can be harmful. I think finding a way to look at media and avoiding these negative effects are important because sometimes it can change the way we are.

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  2. Social Media can become very addictive, so much so that you can forget about the important things in life 😀 Sometimes, we need to just try and avoid them so we can live our best lives, with the people we love.

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  3. Social media is so addictive sometimes! Also, I feel like there’s this pressure to make your life seem perfect on social media, and pressure to get the most likes in order to seem liked. I hate that aspect of social media. Its good to take a break from it – I did that recently with Twitter.


  4. Great post! I agree about insecurity with the negative effects and I might add about how easy it is today to influence people or teens with just one post. -it also cause of bad eyesight since we love to check our social media accounts or streaming videos all day in our phones haha..


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