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Blissful Feelings


It’s Skyeeee! How are you all? I hope you are all well (:

. . .

So today I’m going to be writing about fifteen of my all time favourite feelings!

15 fave feelings

  1. Getting hugs from people I love
  2. Laughing till it hurts
  3. Lying in the sun
  4. Having long hot showers
  5. Having my cat come and snuggle on my lap
  6. Colouring in
  7. Going for runs
  8. Making someone smile/laugh
  9. Listening to my favourite music
  10. Climbing trees
  11. Laughing with friends
  12. Passing exams
  13. yawning
  14. Waking up on Fridays
  15. Making new friends
Most of these I actually found  in one of my old notebooks that I used to write in!
(I did have to change a few of them though.)
So there you are! A couple of my favourite feelings! xx
If you want to, you can leave a comment or even write your own blog about your favourite feelings! I literally love hearing stuff like that 🙂
Stay Happy and God Bless!
Skyeee xx.



12 thoughts on “Blissful Feelings

  1. *gasp* your handwriting is sooo amazing 0-0 :DDDDDD I love this post! I love notebooks and stationary and thoughts and stuff, this is perfect :DDD


  2. This is a good exercise! Makes us appreciate God more… I mean, with that list you wrote!? You are blessed! We should just learn how to acknowledge even the little things that make us happy!

    Thanks for sharing and i am definitely doing tis too! God bless you more!


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