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A little poem – Happiness

Heyyyy! How are you? (:

So tonight I just felt like writing a short poem…It’s kind of random, but oh well haha.

I’m Happiness.

People don’t invite me too often.
They live in melancholy, I feel forgotten.
My heart is ravaged by sadness.
Everybody wants me but, can’t have me.
I’m simple; they make me complicated.
Sometimes people get unnerve because they don’t want to lose me.

Hi, I’m Happiness!

I feel desolated.
I come in different forms;
As your lover, ice-cream, family, shopping
..still I’m short lived in your lives.

Hi,I’m Happiness

I’m in your mind;
not your final destination.

Hope you enjoyed that (:

Stay Happy & God Bless!

Skyeeee xx.


17 thoughts on “A little poem – Happiness

  1. Woah- that was amazing 😀 I feel this calming buzz over me after reading amazing poems like yours cause I guess the amazing ness was too much for me >:D

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thankyou, i’m so glad! I actually don’t (can’t have social media other than blogging), but even if i’m did i’m not allowed to give it away. Idk, very strict rules XD sorry! And you as well, you are so kind ^^


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