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A Traumatic Encounter


How was your day? Mine sure was interesting…Haha

. . .

Yes, those are my legs…Shhhh!


So because today was a Student Free day, I spent most of my time eating junk food and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy (Don’t worryyyy. I did a little bit of homework haha). In fact, the only time I stepped foot outside, at all, was so I could go and lie down in my hammock in the warm sun.                                                                                                                                                                                   Overall, you would think I had a pretty decent and relaxing day, wouldn’t you?

Well you see…I would have had a pretty decent and relaxing day…If it weren’t for the absurd encounter that has left me physically, emotionally and mentally scarred, and traumatized for the rest of my dear life…

This is what happened:

So there I was, just minding my own business and jamming to Lost Boy by Ruth B (which by the way, you have to check out because it’s seriously a Beautiful song!). One would say that I was living life to it’s fullest. HA! That was of course before the incident, that has left me crying myself to sleep every night, took place.

In fact, the encounter  was such a serious offence, that I really ought to inform the authorities about it. But because I’m a nice person, I decided I will just scar you guys instead (I’m so lovely omg) xx.

Anyways, as I was saying, I was minding my own business, when it occurred. The song Lost Boy had just finished, and I was waiting for the next song to continue playing, when I heard the slamming of a door. My neighbour’s door.

Cautiously (I’m shy shh), I peaked from behind  the hammock, and in that exact moment, regretted ever. being. alive.                                                                                                                        Standing in his front yard, in only tight (and rather flimsy might I add) underwear, was my neighbour, doing his laundry. He seemed to have no care in the world, and was happily whistling a tune to himself.                                                                                                                                                               But thing is, it wasn’t even just the fact that he was in only his underwear. . . . but that I was exposed to the full extent of his big, hairy, beer belly! Like don’t get me wrong, Garry is a pretty awesome guy. I mean once you get past his ever lingering smell of tabacco and alcohol, and his careless use of language. . . he’s pretty decent.

I just wish that every time I heard his name now, I didn’t have to see that image of him only in underwear, with his unkempt beared and ponytail dangling down his bulging, brown, hairy, beer belly. *shudders* Trying to keep myself from crying right now!

Life sure is interesting in Australia…Haha

Stay Happy & God Bless!

Skyee xx.


24 thoughts on “A Traumatic Encounter

  1. Rhos genuinely sounds traumatising – people should cover up!!! I recommend you don’t try a similar act as a dorm of revenge though 😂


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