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My Fears Don’t Define ME

(This post was inspired by one that Elm just posted recently on her blog! I loved it so much, and I know you guys will too. You can check it out here )

My. Fears. Don’t.Define.ME.

They don’t define me when I’m wide awake crying and shaking under my blankets, listening to all the whispers telling me I’m worthless, replaceable, and unwanted.

(Fear of rejection)

They don’t define me when I’m talking in front of a large amount of people and suddenly forget how to breath or swallow.

(Fear of Public Speaking)

They don’t define me when I look in the mirror and feel a stab of pain and self hate when I see the face that stares back at me.

(Fear of self-consciousness)

They don’t define me when someone vomits, making my heart automatically skip 5 beats, my palms get sweaty, and the butterflies attack my stomach.

(Fear of vomit)

They don’t define me when I’m sitting in an exam thinking and worrying about what these marks mean for my future.

(Fear of failure)

They don’t define me when I’m hanging out with people who I love and who mean the world to me, and I start to wonder what I would do if I lost them.

(Fear of losing someone)

My fears don’t, and never will, define who I am as a person. They do not make me any less strong or brave. They do not define who I am.

I will never be embarrassed to talk about my fears. They are my own personal wars. And I cannot choose to ignore them. I will never be able to take full control over them (by myself anyways). But that’s okay. Because I’m only a mere human with mere human feelings. 🙂

. . .


I hope this post might have helped any of you guys who are struggling with your fears and who are feeling like you can’t tell anyone  because they are ‘too silly or weird.’

Well let me just say – No! This is not true for ANY OF YOU! No fear is too big or too small, too silly or too weird to talk about. I cannot stress enough just HOW important it is to talk about your fears with someone. It has taken me nearly 16 years to work this out, but guys seriously, it has helped me beyond imaginable. And all I had to do was simply just talk with my dad about them. So please, don’t keep your fears to yourselves. It’s not going to help you, and it’s not going to help anyone else who cares and loves you.

If however you don’t feel comfortable with sharing them with someone you know in real life (Don’t worry, I understand that x), talk to me! I would absolutely LOVE to hear and listen to your worries and troubles!

I’m here for any of you guys xx.

Stay Happy and God Bless!

Skyee xx.


5 thoughts on “My Fears Don’t Define ME

  1. Azura, that was amazing. Honestly I’m so so happy that you were inspired by my post, because you took it and made it your own. THEY DON’T DEFINE YOU, they never could, because you’re your own person.

    Liked by 1 person

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