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I go to school like you. just not exactly like you.

I started this WordPress to write, and talk about my life as a teenager. Only, I’ve realized in every single blog I’ve written so far, I always seem to try and keep hush hush about my school life (and school is a pretty big part of my life right now). And the reason for that, is because I honestly just have never felt comfortable talking about my education. Confused? Allow me to explain myself a little better aha.

I have an awesome education. In fact, out of the state, it’s one of the most highest rated and successful schools (not intending to brag) in the district. So clearly that’s not where my troubles exist. No. My troubles exist due to some rather petty stereotypes that ‘certain’ people have been enforcing with their comments;

oh. you’re homeschooled…”

“being homeschooled is for ‘special’ people.”

“Homeschoolers have no friends.”

“Every homeschooler is awkward and weird.”

“You must have no life outside of your home.”

“People who are homeschooled have no social skills.”

NO! JUST STOP! Just being honest, you literally have no flippin idea what the heck you’re talking about. Being homeschooled is not for losers. It’s not for people with special needs (and even if people with disabilities do use it, stop being a jerk. oh my goshhh). You aren’t ‘weird’ or ‘unsocial’ if you don’t go to mainstream school. So can you just stop being so nasty?  Even if you aren’t intending to be, just don’t say anything. Because it literally hurts, alright..?

So yeahhh, you probably have guessed by now that I’m homeschooled. Well, you aren’t completely wrong or right there. Hahaha

You see, I don’t have to go to my school (the actual school building is in another state haha) to attend class. No. All I have to do is flip open my computer! I still have teachers that I can see and talk to, I still have classes (Heck, I get into HUGE trouble if I miss a class), homework, exams (I have to sit the exams under an official supervisor – usually a police officer so I can’t cheat!), reports, assignments, friends (class mates), and activity days.

So you see, I still go to school just like you do. Just not exactly like you do.

. . .

Glad we could clear all that up. Now you (the people who made the stereotypes) can stop saying things you know nothing about! Yaaaaay hahaha.

(This post wasn’t meant to hurt or offend anyone. Just trying to help ‘some’ people understand my situation a little better!)

Stay Happy & Godbless!

Skyeee xx.


52 thoughts on “I go to school like you. just not exactly like you.

  1. I want to be home schooled!! Believe me if you were in my school you would die to be home schooled. And I’m kinda a stereotype to others you can say because I say that HOME SCHOOL IS FOR COOL PEOPLE!! 😉

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  2. You know what – that sounds AMAZING! That sounds so much better than mainstream 🙂 Also, the people who have been making judgements are just that – judgemental. YOU know what your school life is like. They don’t.

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    1. Aw hahaha 🙂
      It has it’s ups and downs aha. Just like I guess mainstream school does!

      Once again, you got it in one! I just have to remember that, and not allow their words to hurt me!
      Thanks Elm 🙂 xx

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      1. Nooo! Sorry, that was my bad! Haha, don’t worry, I didn’t take it offensively! I’m just in a habit of saying that in real life, and I forget that you can’t hear my tone of voice online. No it’s definitely interesting haha 🙂 xx

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      1. hahaha no but it’s actually a pretty damn good photo 😉 and no problem I’m glad to hear that ^_^ xx


  3. Thank you for writing this post so much. I’m also homeschooled, and I get that feeling from people. But here’s the deal, I’m not stupid, I’m not retarded, but being homeschooled helps me love learning and it opens up all these opportunities.
    I’m totally with you, Azura.
    Haters back off!

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    1. Yes Ariana! I mean, if you’re still getting the same education as everyone else (and also working a littler harder because you need to have self-discipline haha), why the heck do they care? You’re still going to end up going to college, university, getting a job. So why does it matter? It doesn’t! You just have to do you! Do whatever you feel you are comfortable with (:

      Thanks Ariana xx

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    1. Yeah haha, I like it because I don’t feel as restricted as I did in mainstream school! Like I can finish all my classes for the day, and finish all the homework, and then I can go out and hang properly with friends 🙂
      But I totally get what you mean – Being homeschooled ain’t easy! Sooo much self -discipline hahah

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  4. That sounds really cool. If I could be comfortable and in my own space ‘attending lessons’ then I’d have a lot more love for them than driving an hour to school every day. Well done for shutting up all the haters here 🙂

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    1. Aw, that’s so sucky! After next year, I’m going to have to travel 4 hours everyday for uni! Not going to lie, not looking forward to that part ahaa.
      Aww thank youu! It felt so good to vent aha xx 🙂


  5. That sounds cool! I wish I could get home schooled sometime. Ignore the people that judge youuuu.
    By the way did you check your email? I sent you another one ages ago xD


  6. I was homeschooled from kindergarten up to sophomore year of high school! I’m actually just finishing my first year (sophomore) at an ‘actual’ high school with strict schedules, bells, 45min periods, drama…honestly its all a little crazy. Maybe we could talk more about homeschooling and what it was like? I started this blog because I really want to find people who ‘understand’ me hahaha. Not many people at my new school seem to….

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  7. Really, self-driven and self-motivated education is the most effective, no matter how old you are. Learning is a long-life process. You learn through experience and trial and error. “Unschooling” is getting more and more exposure nowadays. Worry not my friends. A revolution is at hand.

    The most popular TED Talk was “Do Schools Kills Creativity?” Listen here:

    OP, do you mind if I leave the link here? Thanks.


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