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-R.I.P- Here lies Skye.

OMG, so I just logged onto WordPress…and I found out I HIT ONE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS! WHAT THE HECK – YAAAAY! ((((:

HAHA, I LITERALLY HALF CHOKED ON MY TEA WHEN I REALISED. Omg, being serious…Imagine if I actually had choked, and then ended up dying. HAHAHA, my gravestone would probably be something like:

In Loving Memory Of

Blogger Skye.

28th of June 2000- 20th of May 2016.

Cause of death – Choked on her tea when she found out 

she hit 100 followers on her WordPress. 

May she now rest in peace.

HAHAHA, yeah okay, that was weird. Ahem.

No but seriously (Being serious for real now) Thank youuuuu. I’m kinda in shock… Like what the heck…100 people read my blog. How is this even a thing!?

I know how much of a cliché it is to hear “I never expected anyone to read my blogs” but in all honesty, from the very first blog I wrote, I did not expect anyone to read, or even let alone follow my blog. I thought everyone would be too scared by me haha. I guess you guys are pretty brave, hey? (:

. . .

Thank you so much, it literally means so much to me. You guys are the ones that make WordPress my happy place. So thank you.

Stay Happy & God Bless you, yeah? (:

Skyeee xx.



50 thoughts on “-R.I.P- Here lies Skye.

  1. Oh my God well done! I’m so proud of you; this is amazing! I’m so sorry I haven’t been around recently, and I won’t be around in the future much until my exams are over, but I just saw this and had to congratulate you

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    1. So I literally just said ‘awwh’ out loud. Seriously, that comment made me smile so baaaaad! Thank you Elm. Thank you so muuuch.
      Aw haha, that’s fine! I’ve been thinking about you heaps, and I hope your exams go well! Try not to stress it, yeah? 🙂 x

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