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The Complexity in Simplicity

Heyyy guys.

Okay, so I’ve learnt something. Surprising, riiiight? I know, i’m surprised too hehe. 

So, we (humans) all seem to like making the simplest of things more complicated than they need to be. We do it with just about everything and anything, and then we still complain about ‘life being so complicated and messy.’ But guess what though? That’s life kiddo. No one’s life is simple and neat. No one’s.

Most of the time it’s our own fault (I’m not saying every time, but a lot of the time) this happens, and it usually is a result of one of these reasons  (And ahem. Just putting this out there… I’m guilty of all three…yikes) :

a) You like to make yourself look and feel smarter, so you overcomplicate the small things so that just incase you fail, at least you didn’t fail something simple and end up looking really silly.

b) You are scared and unsure. You have something that you need to do, but you may never have done it before. So what’s the first thing you that you do? You get scared, because of this “unawareness” of fear of uncertainty about your task, and about what the result may be. That is where you start overthinking and overcomplicating it, as you’re too fearful of what may happen.

c) You are too perfectionistic. You’re given one simple task to complete. So instead of just playing it safe, you want to go the extra mile and keep everything perfect. Towards the end of this process however, you start to realise how you’ve bitten off too much for you to chew, and you’ve over thought the whole task. Thus, this is when things begin to become complicated, when they really never should have.

Now. I’m completely and 100% guilty of all these reasons. And guess what? I do them every single damn day. Yep, that’s right, everyday. Don’t believe me? Take a look at my list of daily things I overcomplicate.

  1. Schoolwork
  2. My friendships
  3. My appearance
  4. Taking notes
  5. People’s judgement
  6. Talking to people
  7. Writing
  8. Shopping
  9. Being healthy
  10. Expressing my opinion

The list could go on, and on. But I think you get the picture.

It is just so easy, and so simple to be able to overcomplicate small things. But I guess in a way, that’s not always bad to do so. I mean, sometimes you need to overcomplicate something in order to have a perspective on the entire situation. It opens your mind up, and like my friend always tells me ‘It makes you see blue, in a situation where others can only see in black and white.’

And aw my gosh. I know sO many people who only see in black and white and they actually  cause a lot of issues and drama, as they aren’t able to see in the perspectives or opinions of other people (my mum sees things in black and white. and ahhh, i can’t tell you how difficult it is with her sometimes haha).

So yeah, I don’t really know what the point in this blog was…But I suppose it works as a reminder that if anyone ever tells you ‘You overthink and over complicate everything’ you don’t always have to take it negatively. True, sometimes it can make life more messy, but you know what? Life always will be messy no matter how you think. So just be mindful of when to use complexity or simplicity, and you’ll be alright.

. . .

(Btw, sorry for the grammar and layout of this post…I didn’t bother checking over it hehe)

Stay Happy & God Bless youuuu!

Skyeee xx.



19 thoughts on “The Complexity in Simplicity

  1. This is actually so true! We always overcomplicate things simply because we can. Usually, I am always stuck on math questions because I overcomplicate them and think harder and more in depth than I should. Then I spend precious minutes trying to work out a simple question that I have made 100x harder just by thinking about it excessively. Idk if that made any sense but yeah – I get you x

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  2. can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled upon this blog until now, I love it! you have some really thought provoking stuff on here.
    keep on keepin on
    xxx abi

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  3. Ugh, this SO me.
    I over-complicate EVERYTHING. Heck, I do it on some tests because I’m afraid I don’t know the exact answer so I over-explain to compensate for the fact that I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

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    1. Oh my gosh, yesss! You’ll be in the exam and you reach a question that makes literally no sense. So you start by stooling time and using long words ‘According to this question, the answer is given when you….’
      Hehe, i get yaaa!


  4. We all over complicate to an extent where fear kicks in . . . Am I doing this right? Answer: go back to basics, it will be a simple solution not one with multiple layers of complex questions fuelled by our minds and thoughts and everything

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  5. excuse the fact that I’m late
    I agree to this so much. I overthink basically every little thing and it’s both a blessing and a curse. Usually I always overthink tests and my friends. Especially on tests like on a 2 mark question I write one page – whyyyy

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