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The Respect Award!


Hey Guys!

So excuse me if I freak out a little bit here, but I got nominated for the Respect Award! OMG SAY WHAT!? 

I know right, crazyyyy hahaha. Ever since the lovely and amazing Train of Thought nominated me for this award, I’ve been smiling like a complete idiot. And I was most likely blushing as well hehe. Thank youuu, Train (I’ll just say that for short). You’re so sweet awh xx.

You guys should seriously check her out, she’s an absolutely amazing blogger and friend. 🙂

. . .

Now, there are only two simple rules for this award!

  • Place the above picture in your post
  • Answer the questions

So I guess without further ado (Why do Youtubers always seem to say that?), lets get on with the questions!

What is respect and what does it mean to you? Respect to me is about the attitude you have, the attention you give, and the acceptance you show towards someone (or yourself). You know the old saying of “Treat others how you would want to be treated?” Well I think personally, that’s pretty important one to remember.

Who do you respect the most? When I thought about this question, the very first person who came to mind was my dad. He’s literally one of my biggest role models, and I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. He’s always shown me respect even when my opinion and belief on something was different to his.

Which bloggers have earned your respect?

Looking over this tag done by other people,  I couldn’t really find where it specified how many bloggers I’m mean to nominate…So I decided I was just going to list 4 (I was going to stick with only 4, but i’m a rebel pfshhh) bloggers who have earnt my respect time and time again. But just with regards to that, I’m just letting you know that if I haven’t nominated you personally, you still have my highest of respect. Each of you are amazing, and I really, truly do appreciate you. So thank youuuuu! 🙂 x

(By the waaay, this isn’t in any particular order)

My Top Six Bloggers Who Have Earned My Respect:

  1.  Rebecca – She has honestly got to be one of the most talented writers I think I have ever met here on WordPress. She is literally amazing with words. Every single post she publishes whether it be poetry or her life stories, are exhilarating. She’s thoughtful, caring, funny and above all, she’s always bold in her beliefs and faith. And I absolutely love and respect that about her.
  2. Elm – An utter fricken legend. Anyone who has read one or more of her blogs would agree that she is incredibly inspiring, courageous, strong, hilarious, supportive and beyond kindhearted. She has honestly been such a blessing to me in so many ways, and I will always, respect and admire her for that. Always.
  3. Hope – Ahhhh! Her positivity is SO real! She’s so damn kind in all her posts, and she’s just overall really positive and supportive of anyone! From the second I first read one of her blogs, I felt this overwhelming happiness and joy fill me, and I honestly think that’s incredible. Like seriously, she lives on the other side of the world from me, and she can still manage to make me smile! She has definitely earned my respect. 
  4. Bella – In the short-ish (I think i’ve been following her for like 3 months or something) time of following her, my blogging experience seriously went from like a 7.5 to a solid 10 really quick. She’s just so outgoing and adventurous with her writing, and that’s so amazing. My favourite posts are when she talks about serious and controversial issues but with confidence. It can be really hard to do that, and she pulls it off absolutely perfectly every time. That in itself is amaaaaazing.
  5.  Emily – Who else am I able to share my Twenty One Pilot fan girl moments with? She’s literally The Best at memorising lyrics and deconstructing them to find out their meaning hehe. And she’s honestly got the most sweetest heart out thereee. Whenever I’m feeling down about something, she appears, and is able to fix it straight away. She takes out her time to write you this really long comment so that she can help you. I honestly treasure her comments so much, because they always make me smileeee.

Thanks again, everyone. Thanks for being such amazing people and making my life happier. WordPress wouldn’t be twice as special if you weren’t here xx.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I encourage any of you to give this tag a go! I personally think it’s one of the more important tags, as it really gets you thinking about what respect means to you. So feel free to try this one out!

Stay Happy & God Bless.

Skye xx.


34 thoughts on “The Respect Award!

  1. AW Skye, SKYEE!!! I REALLY WISH I CAN HUG YOU RIGHT NOW THANK YOU SO MUCH !! And I’m going to (hopefully) get off my lazy butt and actually do an award because I have to do this one!

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  2. Skyeeeeeeee I love you sooooooooo much thank you so much for your lovely words you sweet thing! 🙂 can’t wait to do this award, it sounds really interesting so thanks so much for the nomination! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey lovely Skye, just to let you know I tagged you to do the four fact survey! Can’t wait to see your answers if you want to do it! Enjoy! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goshhh Skyeee I’m so late seeing this, but the words you said about me were completely sweet. You’re literally one of the many kind people I’ve met on WordPress. I appreciate and am thankful for all the comments you’ve put on my posts! And for you to actually think that I am a talented writer makes me feel like one lol. I respect you so much, not only as a writer/blogger but as a friend. Thank you so much! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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