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Late Night Peer Pressure


So if you’ve read my last post (it was pretty damn long, so I don’t blame you if you didn’t), you may remember me saying that last Friday while I was away at camp, some drama happened and that I was going to write a post about. Well, I decided that I wanted to write about it today.

I want to take a different approach about it though. Instead of just sharing this story and telling you how much of an ‘adventure’ all of it was, I am going to be do something much more purposeful, and hopefully a little bit more relatable to some of you guys.                         So. In this post, I’m going to talk about the experience that I had with peer pressure. I knowww that’s a bit of a cliché thing for a teenager to write about, but because it is something that affects the majority of us (teenagers anyways) on a regular basis, it is an issue that is extremely important. 

Let the Events of Friday the 8th of July Unfold:

Friday night was the last night that we would be sleeping at camp before we’d have to pack up and leave Saturday afternoon.                                                                                                                 It had been a pretty quiet day, and the leaders were hoping that they could have all the ranchers in bed by 9:30, that way when their parents came to collect them, they wouldn’t be dead with tiredness. So they decided they’d put on a movie for them all to watch and whined down on…That worked for the time the movie lasted…But as soon as it was suppertime, it all went downhill fast (for all of us).

The first mistake was making supper sugar coated jam-donuts (they were so damn amaaaazing. I might have slightly had two or three of them…ooooops). Because honestly, what was the point in making the kids watch the movie? So they would wind down. And what does highly sugary goodness do to kiddies? The complete opposite.

All the permanent leaders had left early that night (they all lived in houses across the road from the camp), leaving only the volunteer staff (The staff who were from the ages of 15-17) to look after supper and make sure all the kids are in their dorms by 9:35 (We also had to be in our dorms by then).

Now, at the time, I bet the leader’s biggest worry was that we wouldn’t get the kids to bed on time…But in the end, that wasn’t the problem.

You see, the staff who were left to do lights out were Hannah G (there are multiple Hannahs on camp, so I’ll use their last name’s initial), Iesha, Lisa, Toby, Beth, Bahlin, Aimee, Bethany (my sister), Hannah P, Lauren, Tia, Julia and I.                                                       Out of all of those names, only Hannah P, Tia and Julia stuck to the camp’s curfew, while the rest of us decided we’d ‘stay up late playing card games.’

From the very start of the idea of staying up late and disobeying the rules , I had that guilty gut feeling telling myself that it was wrong and that it wasn’t worth it for the ‘fun.’ However, I chose to ignore it, because all my friends were going to do it, so I wanted to join in. Little did I know that though, it wasn’t the only rule I’d  break that night.

To fast track a bit, it was about 11pm that we had finally found the perfect hiding-spot for us to chill out in. One of the empty cabins that wasn’t being used.

Since the time that we found the ‘hiding-spot’ we’d spent half an hour just laughing our heads off at absolutely nothing. I think we were all just so tired that we found everything and anything funny (I got abs from laughing so hard). I mean, we were laughing at the each other’s laugh for a good 30 minutes before Iesha finally managed to catch her breath and say ‘Okay, guys, I think we should seriously go to bed. It’s getting really late, and we’re being so noisy!’ But guess what? We just laughed even moreeeee. And as I was giggling, that guilty feeling started to come back, and so I turned to Iesha and said ‘Maybe we should go to bed…’ So Iesha, Bethany, Han and I were all going off to bed, when Lisa ran up to me and said ‘Skye, no waiiit. Come on, don’t be a party-pooper. Stay for a lil longer.’                                                                                                                                                           I’ve never been someone who has found it easy to say no…And I found it particularly harder to do so with Lisa (she has that way around people). So I gave in quickly and said I’d only stay for about 10 more minutes. My sister (Bethany) was pretty upset by this, because she said we were being wrong, and that how are the leaders meant to trust us when we are breaking the rules behind their backs. But for some reason, this really ticked me off, because I just wanted to have ‘fun’ with the others. I didn’t want seem ‘lame’ or something by going off to bed. So of course, I stayed. And pretty soon that ’10 minutes’ became another half an hour, bringing the time to 12am. I don’t remember exactly what we were doing at the time, but Hannah came back and said ‘Skye, just pleaseeee come. Your sister is really upset.’ And I guess I cracked it then, because apparently I literally stormed off to my dorm, because I didn’t want to speak to her. I didn’t want her to make me feel worse than I already did. Hahaha, Hannah is such an amazing person though. She literally talked some sense into me (I don’t even know how she did. I’m the most stubborn person when I want to be) and made me go speak to Bethany. And let me just say this, although I was really tired, grumpy and just generally felt  crappy, I am so glad that I spoke to my sister. I really needed to hear what she had to say. And I really needed her to show me that I’d let the peer pressure get to me. Because man, it was honestly so scary to see how easy it is for me to give in to people just so I can please them.                                                                                                                                                 Anyways, so obviously my sister and I made up (there was a lot of hugging involved HEHE) and both went off to bed and agreed to never talk about it again. However, that didn’t last long…

Because after the kids had left that morning, we had an all staff meeting (we usually just recap the week we’ve all had) after lunch. My friends and I had kept quiet about the night before all day, but we still all felt really guilty and crappy about it. And I guess that mood showed because at the end of the meeting Emma (one of the main leaders) said ‘Whats the matter with you lot? You all look so tired and moody! Oh waiiiit…Does this by chance have anything to do with last night…?’ Hahaha, I swear when she said that last part, we all had a slight heart attack. None of us said anything, but she only needed the looks on our guilty faces to have an answer. ‘Mmmh. I thought so. I hope you guys realise that the stuff you did was extremely irresponsible and wrong.  If someone made a complaint about you guys, there could be serious consequences with the police ect.’ Not gonna lie, my heart was beating like crazy when she said that. But to be honest, I just felt so awful from my behaviour, and so the lecture and the warning was needed.

After the talk, some of us (Bethany, Iesha and I) went and told Emma we were sorry, and that we know what we did was wrong. And oh my gosh, Emma is literally one of the most lovely people I know. She was so chill and kind about it, and was like ‘Are you guys huggers…? Because I feel like I really need a hug.’ And just awh. She’s honestly my role model hahaha.

. . .

So, to conclude this story, as I was on the trip home from camp, I was thinking over the events that happened, and I realised just how blessed and lucky I was to have experience all that drama. Like nothing serious happened from the outcome, but it was still so important for me to learn from. It honestly taught me so much about myself and about how vital it is for me to be on my guard for future peer pressure. I think that’s something that we could all be watchful for, heyyyy? HEHE.

Thanks again for reading all that, you guys are honestly amazing. Like your comments and support literally keeps me motivated to writing posts. So thank youuuuuu x

Stay Happy And God Bless, yeah?

Skyeeee xx.





4 thoughts on “Late Night Peer Pressure

  1. In my opinion, realising your problems, facing them and even finding solutions for them, makes you a brilliant person. And your view on the whole night itself shows that even though your actions were thought of as ‘irresponsible’, you were responsible enough to admit it and feel sorry about it. So cheers for you mate, it did seem like a good lesson learnt xx

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