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We Are Society

So if you’ve been on any social media sites at all this year (I know duh, of course you have) the likelihood of you hearing any kind of blame on society for the negative comments, actions, words or attitudes that happen on a daily basis is extremely high.

We are a world that likes to give all of our responsibilities and all care to someone else to deal with, so that just in case something goes wrong, we can blame them. And this year (2016), this is something that has been done everyday, by everyone. No one wants to take the blame for the hurt, judgement, loss, jealousy, filth, dishonesty or all the general unkindness. We all throw that blame to that term ‘society.’

But who is society?

We are. All of us make up society together. 

So thus, we cannot simply throw blame at that term, without taking a little bit of the responsibility for ourselves.

While it is true that not every bad thing in this world is because of you personally, you are still apart of this, and you still do have an effect every time you say, think or do something. Whether that being positive or negative. You help make up society for what it is.

And right now, society is a pretty cold, careless, hurtful and dangerous place, and it needs you to step in and take responsibility in hope of making it more kind and forgiving.

We all need to step in. As society.

. . .

This was just a short blog today, as I didn’t really plan on posting at all!

I do hope it encourages you to try and be more positive for the people around you, though.

As always,

Stay Happy & God Bless!

Skyeeee xx.





19 thoughts on “We Are Society

  1. This is so true. For me we spend more time arguing than we do trying to understand other perspectives and ways of life. I mean, if we went out of our way to accept others instead of disagreeing the world would be so much of a a better place. I just wish people would be kinder. I mean I Personally go out of my way to help others and be a nice person but all this society sucks thing makes me feel like I’m wasting my time with kindness

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    1. Yeah, I get what you mean! But I’ve come to realise something…Because everyone has a different experience with society, making someone’s society a bit happier is worth the struggle. Even if the small act of kindness doesn’t seem much, I know it makes my life so much more amazing when someone just smiles at me.
      But yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from xx

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  2. Completely on point! You said all that I was thinking: society isn’t just the government; it isn’t anonymous hate comments; it isn’t pictures of hurt children and adults taken with a sad caption. It’s all us. That’s why when I write to complain, I write ‘we’. Not ‘them’ or ‘society’ only. You’re so, so right on this all, mate; and I applaud because you finally said the truth 🙂 So let’s hope we awaken and do something to nourish up whatever positivity was left in our society.

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