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i want a tattoo.

Hey guys,

it’s me, Skyeeeee.

So I was just scrolling through my instagram feed when I came across a photo of someone’s tattoo they just got. It was a cute little floral plant with tiny white buds (you can see it hereeeeee) on their ankle (i think it was their ankle anyways). And just looking at that picture, it reminded me of how much I’ve always really want a tattoo.

I’m not particularly sure at what age I was when I came to this conclusion, but I know it has definitely grown on me a lot more so this year after I heard the message and ideas behind Tyler Joseph’s tattoos. His ink is honestly so amazing (ew, it sounds like i’m one of those fangirling teenage girls ew). Like instead of just having the traditional pictures or even messages, his are actually implicit symbols and shapes.

And damn, they do look hella intriguing hahahaha.


(He had some more cool ones on his chest, but it felt weird posting a pic of a topless guy on my blog. Even if it was Tyler…Yeah k bye)

I think the general idea of getting and then having a tattoo for the rest of your life is a little bit scary, but I also think that if you get one that has a really special and personal message, that can be pretty awesomeeeee (awesome doesn’t seem like the right word, but on the thesaurus the results that came up were ‘beautiful…stunning…striking’ and just no HAHAHAHA).

Like I really want to get one that has something to do with my faith and some more personal things fr0m my life. I could do something like Tyler did, and just get multiple little small symbols on my arm. I’d so be down for thaaaat omg.

So yeah, I just really, really want a tattoo when I’m older hahaha. I know my mum would probably FLIP…But I mean, I could bribe her by getting another tattoo that says ‘I love you mum xoxo’ riiiiight…? Yeah, fine. Who am I kidding, she’d never let meeeeeee. I can still dream though! 



Hahaha okay,

Stay Happy and God Bless, yeah?

Skyeee xx.



14 thoughts on “i want a tattoo.

  1. I get where you’re coming from but I can’t deny that it’s rather frightening like you and everyone else is saying. I mean; what if something goes wrong? What if, 20 years from now, you hate it and would want to change it? By the end of the day though, it’s cool and mesmerising to look at, so I wouldn’t mind getting an Angelic Rune or something (from The Mortal Instruments if you heard of it).

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    1. Yeah, exactlyyyyy.
      That’s why if I ever got one, it would be a bible verse or something. Like I really want to get something like ‘be thankful in all circumstance’
      But yeah, Angelic Runes would be pretty sick


  2. I had a look at that tattoo + its so cool! I love the white ink! But the thought of having it for the rest of my life scares me, and that’s what’s holding me back from getting one. I really love the simple, thin lined tattoos as well!

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