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Responsible without the Responsibility

(My image is inspired by Caitlin yaaaaay )

So to my parents, I have always been considered to be a ‘good responsible’ teenager. I mean, I don’t take drugs, I don’t under-age drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t go to parties and hook up with every desperate guy I find, and I don’t  sneak out. So you’d think there’s absolutely nothing for them to worry or stress about…

Ha ha. 

My parents worry about anything and everything. Like I don’t wish them ill will…But they sometimes can be the most frustrating people to deal with ahem.

For instance, a couple of days ago my friend (Iesha from camp) invited me over to a sleepover for her 15th birthday. Now usually when I get invited to things like this I don’t even bother asking my parents because I know it will be a big fat ‘no.’ Because even when I then ask them why not, they just reply with the same typical answers of ‘we don’t know their parents well enough.’ or ‘what if their dad or brothers try and do something to you?’ I’ve heard these answers time and time again, and normally I would have just left the invitation and would come up with some lame excuse as to why I can’t go. Well, not this time…Iesha had told me that it was only going to be her and her mum. There were gonna be no guys in kilometres of the premises. And if there were no guys around, surely I’d be able to go to the sleepover then, right…? Well, this is how the conversation between my dad and I rolled out:

*Me slowly approaches my dad while he sits at his desk sipping his cuppa*

Me – hey, uhm..hey,dad…?

*Dad looks up and raises his eyebrows in question*

Dad – mmmh?

Me – you know my friend, iesha…? well she is having her birthday in a couple of days…

Dad – mmmmh?

Me – well uhm…she invited me to go to a sleepover at her house to celebrate it…

Dad  – oh. oh, I see.

Me – please, dad? pleaseeeeee, can i go? no guys will be there, and she lives only 10 minutes away!

*Dad starts to squirm around in his chair uncomfortably*

Dad – skye…you know i don’t like sleepovers.

Me – but whyyy!? you always say it’s just because there are guys there. but there won’t be any this time.

Dad – it’s not only because of guys, skye. nothing good happens at sleepovers. the reports that doctors are finding every day is that bad things happen at them.

I then asked him what he meant by that (I have some ideas, but i wanted him to say them), but he just mumbled to himself and told me to ask my mother. Which ticked me off because he knew mum would say no. And guess what? She did just that.

And I just. I just don’t get my parents.

Mum always talks about me being so ‘responsible’ but that’s probably not even true. Why does she think that when I’ve had literally no experience with being responsible? How can she expect me  to be responsible when I don’t have any responsibilities? And how am I ever going to learn to make the right choices when I’m an adult if I can’t even make my own choices to go to a sleepover?

Like honestly, do they really think we’re going to do something that absolutely stupid? Because if so, whatttt? Weren’t my parents  literally just telling me how I’m so mature and all that?

Then let me be. Don’t think I’m going to learn how to be by being trapped under your wings. Because i won’t always be.

My goshhhhhh.

I honestly don’t understand my parents’ logic. Like at all hahaha.

It’s so frustrating.









44 thoughts on “Responsible without the Responsibility

  1. That’s so annoying:( What are your parents thoughts on haven’t a sleepover at your house… maybe if they let you host a sleepover at your house, they’ll see what a real sleepover is and might let you go to someone else’s:)

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  2. That IS FRUSTRATING! Knowing your parents are gonna say no, and they say no. Not giving you a chance. But you gotta look at it from their point of view, they want you to be safe? BUT REALLY, A SLEEPOVER DOES NOT HARM ANYONE! Your parents seem really nice, but it is pretty annoying!!
    Parents are always saying ‘grow up’ but then they just don’t LET you grow up, let you make choices, let you be independent! I think that people need to start trusting people. Anyways, i love the picture!

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    1. Ughh, tell me about it!? Yeah I know…But sometimes you have to learn something the hard way, and not always learn something from their experiences that they had when they were young. I think their problem is that they love me too much HEHE.
      Yeah, that’s so damn fustrating. Like, make up your minds!
      HEHE, thank you! I’m trying to start editing my own pictures more aha

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  3. *sighs* Story of my life. I get this. I really do. I’ve never gone to a sleepover and my parents won’t let me go to ANY. it’s soooooooooooooooooooo (maybe all the o’s are overkill, whatever) frustrating!!! i get these struggles.

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    1. Omg, so I’m not the only one with overly, extreme, excessive and strict parents!? I know riiiiight (that many o’s were totally needed)? And it’s even more frustrating when they constantly tell you all the stuff they got to do when they were your age. Like, that’s a lil crule, don’t ya think?

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      1. Totally! It makes me want to bang my head against the wall. It also makes me frustrated when everyone’s like, “You’ve NEVER been to a SLEEPOVER?!” (with all the capitals and exclaimation points and stuff) It just makes me want to bang my head some more.

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  4. Oh girl, you have noooo idea how relatable this is to me. My parents are OVERLY protective to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. But, it gets better. It may not seem like it, but it really does. And you just have to remember that you’ve only got a couple of years left before you’re 18 and can make your own choices xx

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    1. Aw, really? Ugh that’s so frustrating! Was there anything you did to help them ease up a bit? I know right, yessss! But I’m trying not to long for 18 too much. Because I don’t want to remember my childhood as me no enjoying it and just waiting for 18! 🙂 thanks again, ruth xx

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  5. You literally. Described. My. Life. I don’t do any bad stuff like you, and this is our award? I guess our parents our just looking out for us, and being parents. I wonder if they started a whole club doing this to us. Hmmm, why don’t you try asking your friend’s mom to call your parents about the sleepover, it usually works in my benefit :P. But I’ve never actually been to a sleepover because of everything you’ve stated above….. I kind of ruled out my own advice, oh my gosh, sorry Skye, but maybe it might work out for you? Hopefully!

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    1. HAHAh, if there was a club my parents would be the leaders! I’ve tried that once when I was little, and after my parent’s complained that I had ‘set them up’ and apparently it was really awkward for them hahaha. I think I’ll just have to invite my friend over for a sleepover here! Then she can meet my whole family…yaaaaay hehe. Aw, no you were helpful! Thanks for the support Rebecca! At least I know I’m not the only teenager who has really strict parents 🙂

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      1. Yay! I’m glad it all worked out 🙂 If you haven’t asked your parents yet, I’m sure it’ll work out. You’re welcome! Definitely not the only teenager with strict parents, I’m 100% sure there’s a club lolol.


  6. Hi Azuraa!
    That’s so frustrating! Like really, why? Why don’t you ask your parents if your friend can come for a sleepover at your house? Maybe they would allow then?
    I’m really bad at advice, sorry…
    Or why don’t you talk to your friend’s parent asking them to talk to your parents? 🙂

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