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oh brother.


So if any of you aren’t a fan of reading extremely ranty (shh that’s a word) and whiny kinds of posts, then I would suggest you go read something else ahem. But if you do happen to happen to like them (no hate if you do)…lucky youuu, because this will be loaded with whiny rambles.

Normally when I write a rant I try to restrict myself from sounding too pathetic and kinda like a cry baby, but right now I honestly don’t care and I’m gonna write exactly what I’m thinking. This could be really embarrassing and awkward to read back later… (yep, it already seems really pathetic HAHA)

. . .

(disclaimer, I wrote this post 2 hours ago and am now back to myself again and have forgiven my brothers)

Ugh, I’m seriously so fricken sick of my two brothers (I’d give their names, but I don’t want to totally publicly shame them). They honestly have no respect for me whatsoever just because I’m their ‘little’ (One of them is a year younger than me???) sister and because they’re male and they don’t have to listen to me. They constantly try to annoy me and try and see how long they can do it before I lose it and scream at them. Like just a few minutes ago while I was writing another post in my bedroom, and I happened to glance out the window to where I saw my two brothers (18 and 15) mucking around with my expensive bike. Usually, when they are touching my things I just have to let it off because I know they have all the power over me and they wouldn’t listen even if I told them to stop (they’ve  broken things in the past like my Ipod and my gold earrings that I got for my birthday). But because the window was open, I heard one of them say ‘HAHA, next minute Skye comes out and sees us touching her bike!’ And oh my gosh they make me so fricken pissed sometimes. I literally ran outside to where my older brother was leaning over the bike and I kinda like pulled him away (Like I said before, he’s really strong and so I couldn’t really do much) from the bike and said “oiii, stop it! Leave my bike alone, you’re going to break it!’ And that made him pretty damn annoyed at me because he then half pushed me (only half because he’s not that rough) and said “No, get off me and don’t touch me! I don’t care!” And he kept on fiddling with the bike.

And just ufbgfuibgr. That really made me angry and so I stepped in front of him and tried to hold down the bike tire (the bike was upside down as I had been trying to change its tires earlier, but I failed hopelessly. My brother was spinning its peddles at like a 150km an hour, and it started making this awful screeching noise) in an attempt to stop him from being able to turn the wheels. I think when I did this last move, he must have taken it as a challenge or whatever for his strength (or something like that idek) because he just started trying even more. I would have given up at this point, but I literally was so sick of having to beg him to stop and him ignoring it, so I wouldn’t budge my hand from the tire. We were both then just standing there at a loose end and then he goes “Skye, you might as well go tell dad on me.”  “Why.” “Because you literally can’t stop me.”

And Oh my gosh. How is he such a stubborn and rude bum (Apologies for that last part)!?

At that point, I was so damn tired from ‘challenging him’ and from having to stand my ground, I honestly really wanted to cry. Like he full on was making no attempt to listen to me and he just fricken didn’t care that I cared. But I kept myself together and still held on. And so finally of about 5 minutes of us both being stubborn (I couldn’t think of anything else do to ugh) he goes “Eh whatever, I’m bored now.” And casually walks off with my younger brother with an extremely amused look upon his face. And then he actually has the guts to say “she’s so stupid.”

Like what the actual heck, bro? I’m stupiiiiid??

Okay yeah, maybe for crying… But after that was over I was literally so upset that they could be so careless and I went to my room and sat on the floor and cried. I just can’t deal with disrespectful guys who find it amusing to make a girl upset by being a total jerk simply because they know she can’t stop them? Like wth. That is disgusting and not at all fair. If I had their muscle I wouldn’t act like that. Or maybe it’s something more than just their strength…Its their selfish pride ugh.

But back tracking over everything I just said however, my brothers can be the most amazing, kind and protecting brothers a sister could ask for. But they still can be a total pain in the butt sometimes, and I don’t know what to do about it? Because they seem to only be getting worse…And I don’t want to tell my dad, because I don’t wanna make a drama out of nothing. I just wish a) they cared more about my feelings and b) my feelings weren’t pathetic and so easily offended ugh.

I think that’s a good place to leave this vent…

Thanks for reading.

Stay happy (like i can say that right now?) and God bless.

Skye xx.


7 thoughts on “oh brother.

  1. This is exactly like my brother. Sometimes he’s a complete jerk to me, and other times he’s a really, really good brother. I think that they just like picking on you and making you feel inferior. I try to only talk to my brother when it seems like he wants to talk to me, and even if he doesn’t I still try to make him laugh and smile. Brothers are a different species lol, there’s never a complete good side to them, or a complete bad side to them, I guess that’s what makes them brothers.

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