Being a senior in Internet School

Hey fam (i’ve decided y’all are now my wordpress family xx)!

Today I decided I’d do a sort of ‘day in the life’ (I don’t even know if that’s what I should call this) of me on one of my typical school days. Now I know these are really old and well let’s face it, waaay overdone. But I figured because my situation with my education is a little more different from your normal teenager (I’m homeschooled but ‘attend’ internet school. You can read more about that hereeee ), it would be a fun and unique changeeee. Oh, and if you do enjoy this post, I’m thinking about doing a Q&A that would be based around my schooling, so please feel free to comment any questions you might have xx.

. . .

Monday (or basically any other day of the week):

Recently, I’ve been trying a lot harder with staying on top of things (ha, yeah not with blogging I haven’t oops) and so I’ve started setting the alarm to 6:00am and aiming to be out of bed by 6:30am. Now look, I know that seems really lameeee and really lazy to y’all mainstream schoolers, but my classes technically don’t start until 9am, so I’m being productive as frick HAHAHA. And anyways, it’s not like I actually have to see anyone, so I don’t have to worry about trying to get ready and fixing myself up from looking like a road-killed donkey (which ain’t pretty, let me tell you that)! Ahem hehe, after I actually manage to get up, I go for a quick pee and then head to the kitchen where I make some breaky. I’m usually pretty hungry in the mornings so I eat weetbix with half a chopped banana and cinnamon sprinkled on top. I’m a growing girl (and I don’t mean in height HAHAH) so I need me three weetbix! They’re so yummy and they keep me full all the way until lunch…usually bahaha.

Alright, so after I’ve finished eating that, I fill up my water bottle, pull on a hoodie and some shorts and then go for a quick 30 minute walk with my sister. When I get back, I jump straight onto my computer.

So yeah, like I said earlier, classes don’t start until 9am, so I check my social medias till about 8am and then I get stuck into the homework that I forgot to do the night beforeeee (we all forget, don’t even deny that)! My first class is always philosophy and the teacher that I have is really grumpy at me all the time because I always forget the homework. He literally makes me have to read half of his slides to the class because ‘its my punishment’ and because ‘none of the other students seem to have working microphones??’ LIKE MY CLASS MATES ARE SUCH LIARS BECAUSE THEY USE THE MICS IN THE ENGLISH CLASS STRAIGHT AFTER?? Its so annoying honestly HAHAHA. Anywaaays, I have classes till morning tea break, lunch break and after noon tea break. And I don’t know why, but the last period always takes the longest? Like it just drags on and onnnn and I always lose all my concentration and have so much energyyyy by then bahahaha.

Anyways, so when school finally finishes, I change into my workout clothes (just so I can feel productive shh) and I usually message some of my mates for about half an hour until it turns 4 o’clock. Then the rest of the day is followed by blogilates, a quick run and then dinner and homework! However, on Fridays I go to piano practice and youthgroup though, so that’s usually a little different.

And thus, this concludes my ‘normal’ (it changes a lot) school day routineeee. It’s a probably a LOT different to what you were expecting, but yeah, I don’t really do that much to be honest hahaha. The workload for my school is pretty full-on and so it requires you to have to focus heaps of your time on it. I used to really hate that about distance education, but I think I’m used it now and just accept it. I’m so excited (and also really scared omg) for university though! It’ll be such a different change up hahaha.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post! Again, if you have any questions about internet school that you would like me to answer in my Q&A, just leave them in the comments!

Thanks pals.

Stay Happy and God Bless!

Skyeee xx.

13 thoughts on “Being a senior in Internet School

    1. Hahah, that’s still cool! Aw, I used to be the same as you, but I find that if I find a fitness buddy (my sister is mine) then it makes it so much easier! Also just try different exercises or sports and see what you like. You shouldn’t do exercise that you absolutely hate ahaha

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