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we are growing old together

Hey guys!

So before I say anything more, I just want to say a biggg HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!  I know for a lot of you 2016 was a really damn hard year, so I just pray that you will be so blessed this year and you will really use this as a fresh start to come back fighting. Because you’re a little warrior and you got this 100%. Just don’t give up until you’ve had a fight.              Cool?                                                                                                                                                                        Yeah, really cool.

. . .

Alright, so I don’t know if this is normal or if it’s me being completely insane, buuut…I feel old. I feel really old. And I’m only 16. But now even just thinking about how it’s 2017 and how I’m going to be turning 17 this year, it hurts my head to comprehend (see, told you i’m old. i’m already having health problems HEHE). Like I finally get what Peter Pan was onto when he said he wanted to fly away to NeverLand and stay a kid forever. Because Being a kid is honestly such a blessing. We are always complaining about life, friends, school ect, but we don’t know how easy we actually have it. And I’m not saying we aren’t allowed to complain. Heck, I love to complain (just take a look at how many rants i’ve made)! It’s one of my favourite hobbies. Buuut, as teenagers we have it the easiest that we probably will ever have in our life. I mean, we don’t have to worry about University (that’s coming up so fast ugh), Taxes, making our own appointments to things, thinking about our future with someone and just generally having a lot of expected responsibility. Like being an adult sounds really crazy and wild to me, but in only 2 years (a lot can happen in that time, i knowww) I will technically become one. And that scares the crap out of me. I don’t even know how I have gotten to this age without ever really thinking about what it means. Because I remember when I was 10 thinking ‘When I’m 16, I’m gonna be so mature! I’m gonna have done sooo many things.’ But here I am still trying to remember to brush my teeth every night? Am I a disappointment to my past self or what HAHAA. Anyways, it’s not just me getting old. All my family are growing old with me. I mean, my closest sister is turning 18 this month. How the actual heck. I’ve always felt like we were the same age, but now she’s all of a sudden grown so mature and is turning into a young woman (blerh, I just cringed so much writing that omg) hahaha. I don’t knowww. The whole idea of age and the fact that you can never escape death boggles me. It feels like the more I think about it the more white hairs grow on my head hahha.

. . .

Anyways, this was a pretty weird post, but I just really wanted to be able to post something again. I was going to write a whole post saying how sorry I was and all that for not posting in forever, but I decided against it because I want to just pretend I never left so that I don’t feel guilty for not posting. Because when I feel guilty I never get around to writing anything for y’all. So with all that said, you shall most definitely hear from me again soon-ish. I have camp next week, so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks hahaha.

So again, Happy New Year (I know that was yesterday but just bear with me) and God Bless you.

Skyeeee xx.



13 thoughts on “we are growing old together

  1. Oh my gosh I was talking about this with my friend the other day and we literally freaked out. Like I can’t even believe that I’m 17… I’m still 10. I still take naps and color outside the lines I can’t be an adult in a couple of years… aghhh

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    I definitely understand the getting older part – this year my friend also turns 17 (and is gonna leave me when she graduates next year :((( anyway) and I’m turning 15 which sounds so old to me! Ahhhhhh I don’t want to grow up yet. It’s too soon. I guess all we can do now is to cherish our youth and seize every opportunity. And happy new year to you too!!


  3. I get you omd! And I’m ONLY 15!! Yet I still can’t believe how fast my teenage years are going and how much I don’t want to be an adult :(!! I hope you’ve had a lovely start to 2017!! 🙂 xx


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