Current Life Happenings

(Quick disclaimer: I didn’t get time to proof read or draft, so the grammar is probably shocking HHAHA)


Bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing from me anytime soon (if even ever again HAHHA)?? I don’t really have any excuses to give y’all for why there has been lack of me in your reader, but like I could probably look some up on google if you want? They have some really relatable ones…

“I didn’t have time because I had a new dishwasher installed.” Stupid dishwasher ugh

“My teeth were itchy” Omg I literally hate it when they get itchyyy

“I ran out of toilet paper” Okay but this always happens to me

Anyways, I could honestly go on and on with excuses, but I think you get the idea…I’m just lazy, uncommitted, and apathetic. What’s new ahahhah.

Man, thinking back to even the first of January (the last time I posted on here oops) though, consisdering it’s only April, quite a few things have happened.

  • My older sister (Stelle) got married and made me one of her bridesmaids
  • I’m in my second to final year of school (crapppppppp)
  • My other sister (Kezza) moved out
  • I’m ‘trying’ (I don’t reckon mum is gonna actually let me tbh) to get work at a local supermarket

And I think one of the most impactful things to happen to me this year has been all the new relationships I’ve made with people. Like, it’s not even just having new friends, but it’s also where and how close I now stand with my old ones. I’ve been able to put in a lot more time, effort, and care into the friendships, and I’ve realised how much that truly has helped them to blossom into what they are. They’ve all been such blessings to me this year so far, and I’m actually so excited for all the adventures and memories I’m going to make in the rest of it.

So yeah, I guess this was just a tiny update and a notice letting you know I’m still alive, well, and happy hahaha. I hope you all have been as well xx.

Like older times,

God bless.

Skye xx.

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