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Blessed with all I need, but not all I want

I have all I need, yet not all I want. 

And that’s the problem.

I’ve learnt that I love to complain. No matter what the circumstance is, I love to want more. I love to whinge about all the things I don’t have, or all the things I can’t do, or all the places I can’t go to. But for what? It never brings me happiness or obviously not the satisfaction that I’m after.

There’s a  bible verse that I ‘try’ (I think I just like the idea more than the actual action) to live by, and it’s put very plainly; “Be thankful in all circumstances.”

Notice the emphasis  on the word ‘all’? That’s because it’s taking in regards every single hard, depressing, easy, happy, big or little circumstance, and it’s telling you really simply to be thankful in any given case. Now by no means is it saying it’s gonna be easy. I can personally vouch that it’s absolutely hella not easy. I mean, most of my blog posts are proof that I don’t find it easy HAHAH.                                                                                              I have everything I truly need, a billion plus blessings, yet I still choose to focus on all the things I don’t have, and that I want. And it’s honestly getting to the point where it’s becoming more and more frequent and making me more and more unhappy. And just whyyy Skye?? Why can’t you just live happily with all the wonderful and amazing things you have?? 

One example this week where being thankful was particularly a problem for me was when my dad got me to cancel on my friend at the very last minute, with his reasoning being only because he had a sudden change of his own plans. I  lowkey (okay yeah nah, it was highkey as HAHAHA) was angry with him to say in the least. I also cried…But not because I felt sad that I was going to miss out on hanging out with my mate, but because I’ve had to already cancel on this person three times so far, because of my parents. So I cried because I felt frustrated and kinda like crap having to tell my friend again that I can’t make it. But, thinking over it now, I’ve realized that may not have been the best reaction I could have had…I mean, I still got to talk to my mate on the phone that night, and while it wasn’t face to face, it was still amazing to just talk without any distractions between us. And to take that thankfulness further, I still have them in my life, and I still can look forward to seeing them at camp in June. So I guess I just…I need to be more aware of my ungratefulness and need to then act on it. Because the world is already so full of rich, sad and unhappy people, and it really doesn’t need another one. It just needs more people who are rich in happiness and thanksgiving. Which is definitely going to be my goal for this week!

I’m going to try my hardest to just be thankful in any given circumstance that faces me. Oh, and just between you and I, I have an exam tomorrow that I know I’m not gonna go great on, so being happy and thankful may be a bit harder than I’m hoping for HAHAH. Ah well, ‘such is lifeeeee’ to quote my mate hahaha.

Stay Happy (that works so well in this post yaya) and God Bless!

Skyeee xx.

One thought on “Blessed with all I need, but not all I want

  1. This is good =) I’m trying to be thankful too because I’m such a blessed girl but I think it’s human nature to focus on the things you don’t have. It’s really hard not to go it’s so unfair that I have to spend hours more on work compared to others and still get worse. But then you look on the brighter side and think at least I’m above average.


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