Guess who is baaaaack

Hello, it’s me…Sikeeee!

Okay so far out, it’s honestly been such a long time since I last wrote a post on here…Like apparently it’s already been over a month since I uploaded some content on here…What even omg.

The weird part about having been away from WordPress for that long is that I honestly didn’t find myself missing it? Like my life was just so busyyy (not that anything really changed. I just got hella lazy tbh) and naturally the last thing I thought of doing was sitting down at my desk and writing out all my messy thoughts and little teenage girl dramas. But I guess in saying this, there was still one part of me that has missed this platform…I missed the social connection with you guys. I miss being able to just talk with  y’all. Like seriously, you guys have no idea just how much of an impact you’ve had on me by your comments and support. Even just thinking back over last month (I keep forgetting it’s now October bro) and reflecting on how much I was able to accomplish because of your feedback, it has really shown me the blessing and positivity that you guys have on my lifeeeee. You’ve helped me to grow as a person (and I’m not even just saying that for attention. I really mean it) and just learn to be happier and more brave and courageous.

Like, whenever I needed to vent about something that I was struggling with, no matter how silly or small it seemed (and trust me, I wrote a lot of those on here), you always gave me advice and managed to make me smile. And I guess that’s what brought me back to WordPress today (technically it’s night but I don’t care)…Because I’ve been struggling a lot lately, and I really need to be able to just get it out again like good old times instead of bottling it all up like I’ve been doing all month.

So, with all that saaaaaid.

I’M BACK BISHES. hahahahah just kiddiiiing! y’all ain’t bishes. y’all are perfect little flowers. And I’ve missed you sooooo muuuch omg.

I’m so pumped to be writing again yayyyy hehe.

I might not be able to write a post tomorrow, but you can definitely (and i mean that this time) expect to see something from me sometime over the weekend or next week.

But in the mean tiiiime,

Stay Happy & God Bless, yeah?


Skyeeeeee xx.



22 thoughts on “Guess who is baaaaack

      1. Ah.. I’m sorry about the late reply, but I don’t even know how to maneuver around this website at all. 😅 still new to it, so I’m not sure what goes where and what, or how and why this is suppose to be here and there, or simply “what is this?” thing. I’m still trying to figure things out, as well as my site. :/ There’s so much things I want to accomplish with this blog but have not have enough time to figure out at all. :c there’s been a lot of changes and dislikes I’m having with my blogs. Due to school, blogging isn’t on my schedule at all. At least for now, I’m enjoying the wonderful presence of everyone’s blog.

        and wtfff, haha. this turned out to be so long.

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      2. My turn to say sorry…This reply is 4 days late…I’M SO SORRY OMG.
        Aw, hahaha fair enough! Welcome to WordPress then! You seem like such a sweet and outgoing person, and I’m genuinely so excited to get to know youuuu xx

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  1. *tackles you to the floor* SKYEEEEEEEEEE YO
    it’s good to see you back here on WordPress!! I fully understand why you had a break – life can get really busy and usually crappy at this time of year (or at least for me haha). Ahhh I’m so so happy to see you back eee

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  2. SKKKYYYYEEEEEEEEE *runs around in circles* *throws confetti*
    you’re baaaaaackkkkkkkk yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
    it’s so good to see you back!!! i fully understand about taking a break, i’m actually on one as i write this teehee (oy teehee sounds really creepy oh dear)! shit is hitting the fan with my life so ya.
    wellllll, it’s good to see you back!
    *continues running around and throwing confetti*
    love, hanna

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